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Idlewild Studio is an art studio in Austin, Texas specializing in sculpture and wall art.


Jessica Tate, our production manager, guides our projects from initial creative development to coordination with our foundry and printmaking partners, and all the way through successful delivery and installation.


Trent Tate, our lead artist, specializes in designing large format bronze monuments, figurative sculpture, painting, and fine art print design.

The Woolies fine art sculptures by sculptor, Trent Tate, of Idlewild Studio in Austin, Texas. This pair of sculp



We empower our classical foundation of egg tempera painting on hand-gessoed panels, life drawing, and clay figure modeling with modern tools and technology including digital painting, CG rendering, 3D modeling, and digital sculpture.



Some of our finest work results from collaborations with architects, designers, institutions, corporations, and patrons. We believe that the process of working together as a team adds extra dimension to the work, resulting in powerful connections that will resonate for many years to come.

A well-regarded example of a successful Idlewild Studio collaboration involved the creation of the hero-size bronze tribute to Julius Whittier at The University of Texas Darrell K Royal Memorial Stadium. Earl Campbell initiated the project to honor his former teammate and mentor in a way that would inspire Longhorn football players, as well as visitors to one of the largest stadiums in the world.

We thoughtfully listened to objectives, clearly communicated concepts defined by those objectives, earned trust, built relationships, and accomplished the mission through teamwork. The mission is always to exceed expectations with timeless art.

The Julius Whittier Bronze Tribute immediately became an inspiring cultural icon that will promote his legacy for generations to come.

University of Texas Julius Whittier Bronze Tribute at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium


Trent Tate established himself through radically traditional work in egg tempera and charcoal. His paintings and charcoals have been exhibited in fine art museums and galleries internationally. More recently, the artist has become recognized for his large format figurative bronze sculptures which grace institutions, public settings, and private collections.


Throughout his career, the underlying theme has always centered around Tate's ability to distill a larger-than-life story through expression, pose, and gesture. 

Influence from the "Cosmic Cowboy" movement in Austin, and especially from treasured conversations with his late friends, Bill Wittliff and Bob "Daddy-O" Wade, continue to materialize in the artist's work.


In his youth, Tate gained valuable insight into human nature and wild places as a fly-fishing guide in Montana and Wyoming, and as a hand on the bygone /LD cattle ranch in Colorado's San Luis Valley.


We are proud of our partnership with Pyrology Foundry & Studio, the largest art production facility in the Texas.  Combining the ancient technique of lost wax bronze casting with state-of-the-art technology and pioneering ingenuity, the talented artists, CGI specialists, engineers, metallurgists, smiths, patina masters, talented staff, and good friends at Pyrology dovetail perfectly in our production pipeline. They are integral to our mission: combine tradition with technology to create timeless art.

Pyrology Foundry and Studio


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